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Top 15 Tracks I Listened to in 2007 (According to Last.fm) January 20, 2008

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As I stated earlier about my iPod conundrum, Last.fm has statistics more closely approximate my listening habits this year. With the introduction of rolling charts that I was hoping for last year, I thought I’d also list my Last.fm top 15 tracks in my 2007 end of year round-up.

With my “Best Of” lists I aim for diversity listing each band once, highest track count wins. For Last.fm, these include releases in 2007 and earlier. Also, since it’s easier to get free, legal music these days, I will try to link to the song when I can.

Can you spot the pattern?

01. Bro’s by Panda Bear
The first song I heard off of “Person Pitch” was Good Girl / Carrots, but Bro’s is the album’s masterpiece, clocking in over 12 minutes long. That’s alot of Panda Bear! [myspace] Bonus: First song off of “Person Pitch,” Comfy in Nautica [mp3]

02. My Life’s Alright Without You by No Age
This song reminds me of one of my favorite HNIA albums “King of Sweet” and thus is one of my favorite songs off their debut collection of singles. [mp3]

03. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend
Yes, again. I really do love this song. [mp3]

04. Little Mistakes by Lucky Dragons
I’m surprised that this song is the top Lucky Dragon’s songs I listen to — a short instrumental from the epic “A Sewing Circle” album (47 songs). [mp3]

05. Dumb Luck by Dntel
This song sets the album’s tone. It’s a soft introductory number that speaks of ethos and regret. It’s the only song on the album of the same name that is not a collaboration and is all Jimmy Tamborello. [mp3]

06. Carry Around by Annuals
I enjoy the freneticism of this song and especially the opening lyrics “I got magic in my head / magic up my nose / magic coming out my fingers / magic crying out my eyes / I’ve got magic everywhere I fucking look.” [video]

07. Belarus by Low
Sometimes those cryptic songs with the power of repetitious lyrics hold the strongest hold when played over tight electronic loops and dubs. Is this song about a landlocked Russian republic? [live mp3]

08. I Am John by Loney, Dear
These song’s lyrics respond to my gay side, the want of a love of a boy. Swedish Emil Svanängen may not have a gay side, but I do 🙂 [mp3 reposted] Bonus: Another super addictive song, The City The Airport [CSS Remix] [mp3]

09. Prozac by Ollie Byrd
I really love Ollie Byrd’s album, so many good songs that get under your skin in a post-punk no-wave kinda way. Pixiesesque. [mp3]

10. This Sentence Will Ruin / Save Your Life by Born Ruffians
If I could factor in the amount of times I played this in my car, it would probably rank #1. I look forward to their debut, let’s hope it was cheaper than their EP. [mp3] Bonus, best Grizzly Bear Knife cover, ever. [mp3]

11. Hold On, C’mon by We All Have Hooks for Hands
I can thank Indiefeed for this jewel — there’s some Arcade Fire magic lurking in there. I pay it forward: [mp3]

12. Shunpoudoh by radicalfashion
There are two songs from this album, “Odori” that pop my lid on an electronic-The Books kinda way. You have to go to their site to hear it: [myspace] Bonus: Here’s a sample of the other, Thousand (feat Carl Stone) [mp3 sample]

13. Photocopier by Fujiya & Miyagi
Me and my thousand indie-blogger friends would like to introduce you to Fujiya & Miyagi, a anglo-trio from , Brighton, England. You have to go to their site to hear this Photocopier. [myspace] Update: I found it. Bonus: another good krautrock inspired song from “Transparent Things,” Cassettesingle [mp3]

14. A Great by Curium
Two songs in one, from this e.e.cummings lovefest. The first part of the song is “A Great” sounds like it is delivered straight from The Matrix. [indiefeed podcast] Also: first track off of “Nowever”, Seeker of Truth. [mp3]

15. There Are Too Many Birds by Arthur & Yu
I am smitten with Arthur & Yu. It reminds me of my love affair I had with OP8 featuring Lisa Germano in the late 90s. Thanks Dntel, folk at it’s best. [mp3 reposted] Bonus: the other single, Come to View (Song for Neil Young) on their debut album. [mp3]

If you notice, I really have to thank Subpop for a great year — if a song isn’t on Subpop, it will be (I’m talkin to you No Age). Next, my top bands listened to according to Last.fm.


Top 15 Tracks I Listened to in 2007 (According to iTunes) January 6, 2008

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I had a strange situation with my iTunes this year.

I listened to many tracks both on my desktop computer at work AND a laptop computer my work supplied me at home or away from the office. All my iPod listens get synced to my work computer. The strange thing that happened was that I moved to a new company this year, and only have partial information for my iTunes tracks because I only brought along my work catalog from work — which is the most authoritative for me.

So even though, I cannot get my iPod numbers to relay to last.fm, my last.fm tracks are probably more accurate this year. Nonetheless, I love that I get different lists from both of these sources. I’m always surprised by the songs I end up listening to over and over, many of which are tied for the same place. I want to share some great songs all of which came out in 2007.

01. To a Fault by Dntel
What a wonderful collaberation with Grizzly Bear, a truly beautiful song. Hear it on [myspace].

02. Shunpoudoh by radicalfashion
Oh this sweet piece of japanese electronica, it reminds me of “Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell” by The Flaming Lips. Take a listen at their [myspace] page.

03. Bro’s by Panda Bear
iTunes is a little off, I have listens from the single, the live version, and the album version which would put it at #1 — not to mention the car. Listen to an edited version on [myspace].

04. Now, Now by St. Vincent
First song off her amazing debut, starts off with a kick and steals your heart away. [mp3]

05. Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa by Vampire Weekend
How much fun is this song, with the music and fashion references (and well placed swears)! Can’t wait for their debut album this month. [mp3 reposted]

06. I Wanna Sleep by No Age
Reminds me of the best “King of Sweet” by HNIA — from a perfect album that is compiled from single releases. Wow. [mp3]

07. Sorry About the Delay by [Blank]
Also similar in spirit to Shunpoudoh above from this folksy, electronica band. [indeefeed podcast]

08. Ankle Injuries by Fujiya & Miyagi
One of my favorite songs off this impeccable album from this British trio. [mp3]

09. Heretics by Andrew Bird
I felt this song rose above to another level than any other on this album with the exception of “Plasticities”. Two amazing songs. [mp3]

10. Black Mirror by Arcade Fire
The first preview of Arcade Fire’s sophomoric effort, oh the anticipation! [mp3]

11. We Throw Parties, You Throw Knives by Los Campesinos!
How much fun is this Welsh band, another band I cannot wait for their debut. [mp3]

12. Wham City by Dan Deacon
Oh the wack of Dan Deacon, the videos are just as precious. Here’s an edited [mp3].

13. I Am John by Loney, Dear
I bought this album within the first 30 seconds of hearing this song. [mp3]

14. Forever Heavy by Black Moth Super Rainbow
All the elements I love and it’s super sweet psychedelia. [mp3]

15. Werewolf by CocoRosie
One of my favorites from this awesome album (more later). [mp3]

Next, 15 more according to Last.fm!