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2016 Favorite Songs, Pt. 2 December 24, 2016

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I present to you Part Two (Part One here) of my favorites songs of the year and consequently, for obvious reasons, my most played songs this year. I’ve left out songs from my favorite albums to give everything a good mix, plus you’re going to hear of those songs anyway. Offered in a plays-well-together order, count-down for purely dramatic effect.

9. Echoes of Divers from Joanna Newsom, it didn’t make the cut but still shines on its own.

10. Andy Schauf‘s album The Party may be one of those albums I moved past too quickly even though I fell in love with the understated masterpiece that is the first single.

11. There are times when I feel like Busman’s Holiday is channelling The Beatles, but in a way that is hard for me to put my finger on.  Also, those horns, yo.

12. “The Shredder’s not what he was / His buddies believe its because / The last spill left him shook-up / He’s had enough / The concrete’s unkind” Little Wing‘s tiny rock opera (Pt. 1 and Pt. 3)

13. It was hard to decide between this and the title track from Plaza, Quilt‘s last release.  I picked this one because of its allure and the quiet way it digs into your ear.

14. Listening to synth-pop on your old cassette tapes until they break is Black Marble.

15. Kevin Barnes cross-dressing and singing a feminist anthem is somehow his most authentic of Montreal release in years.

Bonus: another gender-bender of a video:

Find these songs on my Spotify playlist.

Next up is my favorites 1 – 8.