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Big Takeover

Big Takeover LogoI’m writing for the online section of The Big Takeover. \o/ I’m very honored and thankful that my friend Stephanie introduced me to the great and knowledgeable folks over there.

If I could name my column it would be called “Six Layer Cake” after the Unrest song, also chosen by Stephanie!

Here is the list of my big takeover posts and my profile.

Top 10

Aug 07, 2011 10 songs in high rotation
Apr 03, 2011
10 albums of large and small
Jan 02, 2011
Top 10 albums of 2010


Dec 19, 2010 10 xmas tracks for Lindsay
Nov 28, 2010 10 songs both new and old
Nov 07, 2010 10 albums in my high rotation
Oct 31, 2010 10 songs about creeps and saints
Oct 24, 2010 10 songs I’ve been playing on repeat (now with more video!)
Oct 10, 2010 10 upcoming or up-and-coming albums for which I’m all banzai-clamoring
Oct 03, 2010 10 covers, remixes or renditions of songs that I adore
Sep 26, 2010 Albums I’ve been enjoying over the past few weeks
Sep 19, 2010 I’ve mostly been listening to singles, downloads, and EPs this week
Sep 12, 2010 Songs that had me at “hello” (thank you, Cameron Crowe)


Lost in the Trees – All Alone in an Empty House (Anti) – Oct 09, 2010
Lost in the Trees debut with an evocative album with folk and orchestral style that is both heartbreaking and glorious.
Woom – Mu’s Way (Ba Da Bing!) – Sep 11, 2010
Mu’s Way is the debut of Woom, an album that seems simple and offers rewards with each listen.



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