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There's a Parade in My Glasses My name is Reid (hence the blogname ), 33, live and work in Pasadena, CA. I work for a little ISP named EarthLink. I have little to no experience in the music industry but when I lived in SF, I did start a very short-lived — now defunct — indie record label named alienPopStarz.

I have a love for music that started at a very early age. During my childhood, our house was filled with the songs of The Beatles, mostly the late Beatles — Abbey Road, The White Album, Sgt. Peppers. In fact, my first records were The Yellow Submarine, Peter and the Wolf, and Peter, Paul and Mary’s first LP. Despite from hiding under the bed because certain instumentals off the B-side of The Yellow Submarine used to spook me, these albums serve as a solid foundation of the music I to which I listen.

Growing up during the 80s, New Wave plays its part in my musical taste — which is true of most of my friends my age (no surprise there). I love the Thompson Twins from early videos played on MTV. I love The Cure, which I discovered when they played at the Montreux Rock festival (which I saw re-broadcast on MTV). And I love alot of bands in between — but those two bands I was fiercely devoted.

It wasn’t until I discoved the Cocteau Twins and later the Pixies did I begin to understand the independent label of 4ad. I subscribed to the 4ad listserv and discovered many bands from this list, notably label founder Ivo Watts Russel’s This Mortal Coil and Michigan’s Finest His Name is Alive. My first venture onto the web was to peruse the eyesore database!

I Love the Dino

My favorite bands have traditionally been from record labels TeenBeat, Merge, and Matador (the ultimate indie label?) These days, I’m very much enjoying bands from K Records and Ghostly International.

My intention for the blog is to share new music I discover, old music I’ve uncovered, classics, all-time favorites, and how-where-when I found any of them — if I can remember! I hope that you enjoy what I find and can help send some money to the indie labels — who produce the best kind of music today!

See me kiss a dino:
– reid 2006



1. Jhim Midgett - August 8, 2006

Hey you beautiful man!

Anything even remotely interesting about my taste in music, theatre, or art, I learned from you.

Much love!

2. roberta romero - August 8, 2006

thx you for sharing your music…you’ve helped me discover some awesome finds! looking forward to swamping more music 🙂

3. Lucero - October 28, 2006

seras tu?

4. Elizabeth - February 8, 2007

Hi, I saw you in the rails facebook, and wanted to contact you about RoR, but couldn’t seem to find your email anywhere, so I was hoping I might be able to get ahold of you this way. If you have a chance shoot me an email. Thank you!

ps. Nice taste in tunes. You ever checked out the coachella message board?

5. Trina - September 4, 2007

Hey – I did not know this existed… I like it!
looking forward to keeping up!
Miss you lots!

6. Cory Micek - February 3, 2008

Hello, my name is Cory and I am currently working with and representing scb (steve carson band). I wanted to ask what it would take to have a review written up about their material? Rewind and Dreaming are their newest songs…you can have a listen on MySpace. Also, their full-length album is slated for a March release.



7. Liz Schwartz - May 11, 2008

Like the blog Reid! I’d love to send you an mp3 of a new trip hop/electronic band that I think you’ll love… do you have an email where I can sent you a song?

8. nothingilistic - September 4, 2010

dude love the blog , do you take submissions?

reidmix - October 29, 2010


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