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Ghostly Two for Ten March 8, 2009

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Deastro "Keeper's"

Deastro "Keeper's"

School of Seven Bells "Alpinisms"

School of Seven Bells "Alpinisms"

On the night of Ghostly 10 Year Anniversary here in LA, two 2008 albums I’ve been recently excited about are from Deastro and School of Seven Bells.  They are not playing, AFAIK, but I debating whether I should pop over.

Both bands seem to be a response to my lament “There will never be songs like this, again” when talking about New Order.  The irony is that I wrote that post because of a song on a Ghostly compilation, so we’ve come full circle.

Both bands are guitar driven, shoegazey with youthful vocals, but distinctly electronic and danceable.  And both bands veer away from easy correlations with 80s bands to bring their own take and brand of music to the world.

Keeper’s is a collection of greatest hits from Randolph Chabot’s demos culled from 10 years of demos.  I think what is surprising is how consistent and coherent an album it is.  The songs are all very bright and despite being electronic, it’s gritty, distorted vocals, and the lyrics are full of contradiction “the uncertainties are all I know for sure” in “The Green Harbor.”  The album cover I believe is hand-drawn by Chabot and reminiscent of the music, cuddly, monstrous and all-seeing, and sparkly.

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Ghostly, Insound, Amazon, eMusic, iTunes

Ben Curtis and sisters Alejandra and Claudia Deheza are School of Seven Bells. I’m gonna go out on a limb and dub them “NewGaze” the next wave of shoegaze that is more worldly and uplifting, less introspective and omphaloskeptical. The sisters’ vocals are clear and their words sagelike, born of those ethereal sounds of Cocteau Twins but much more accessible.  In the lyrics for “Face to Face on High Places”, they say: “It’s safe to say, saving you, saved me.”  There’s  plenty of electronic exploration in the land of Alpinism and they can save you too.

Buy School of Seven Bells Ghostly, Insound, Amazon, eMusic, iTunes



1. Mixmaster Massey - December 17, 2009

Hey man, nice site with some great music. Glad you liked my Winter Alchemy mix. Tarantula has always been one of my favorite songs. The goofy colourbox original version is also good. I should record an mp3 of it sometime.

Anyways just wanted to thank you for your comment and let you know that you can repost my mix on your site if you’re into it. I’ll add your site to my blog roll.

2. reidmix - January 3, 2010

Thanks — I just got ahold of the Cindytalk album to take a listen, I’ve always been curious about Gordan Sharp’s solo work (ok, he’s not on Tarantula but general TMC trivia).

Thanks for the blog roll, btw, quarterbar has a new free EP out.

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