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Parenthetical Girls: OMG the Best OMD Cover May 29, 2008

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(((GIRLS)))) Blood PrintIn anticipation of their new Entanglements LP (to be released on Tomlab), one of my many favorite Portland-based bands, Parenthetical Girls, (pre-)released its first song on a David Horvitz 7″ picture disk from Aagoo Records.

Seriously, best OMD cover since Genetic Engineering by Eggs:

I’m happy to see Zac Pennington play with the (((GIRLS))) at the Troubadour LA, June 7th with Los Campesinos! (No parentheses or OMD covers, but also packed full of great fun).

While I’m in Portland I will get to see another Oregon mainstay: Y.A.C.H.T. at a Portland School Fundraiser (the No Swears Tour) at The Crystal Ballroom — Thanks Jona for letting me know on Twitter!

PS. I love the band photo! Why did you crop it Pitchfork? Why?



1. Matthew Britton - May 30, 2008

I’ve just started listening to this band – they’re absolute amazing. they’re like… I don’t know… just amazing.

Which album wouldyou reccommend I get first? Anjd where could I get it from that’ll deliver to the UK? the weight she fell under is superb.

2. reidmix - May 30, 2008

Hey Matthew, I’d have to say that the first album “(((GIRLS)))” was the easiest path into the Parenthetical Girls for me, “Safe as Houses” took a high degree in Panic Pop before it finally clicked for me — with that said, if you like the “Weight She Fell Under”, that second album is pretty amazing, “I Was the Dancer” although jarring at first is so mind-bending and wonderful when you fall in love with it.

Looks like the albums are painfully sold out on major sites, buy direct! the band gets more money that way anyway: http://slendermeanssociety.com/giftshop.html

Here’s “Safe as Houses” with Addendum in Europe: http://www.oedipusrecords.net/store/

3. sc - September 3, 2008

The image seems to be based on the Korean film “Tale of Two Sisters”.
(See image here: http://barros.rusf.ru/films/posters/tale_of_two_sisters_2003_poster.jpg )


4. reidmix - September 3, 2008

Oh awesome.. thanks for that link!

Pennington does seem to draw inspiration from both music and imagery…

For instance, take a look at his “Jackie’s Strength” cover of the Tori Amos single:


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