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An Album a Day in 2007 January 5, 2008

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End of the year marks the beginning of my “Best Of” lists for 2007. When compiling my lists which lead me to my top 10 albums of the year I made some startling discoveries — like the obscene amount of music I listened to in 2007. Overall I listened to 313 albums, or just under 1 a day for 2007. I can thank emusic, indiefeed, KEXP song of the day supplying my habit. Here’s the breakdown of EPs vs LPs for each month:

CDs I listed to in 2007

You can see I clear out my music queues in January. If this graph is too Excel for you and you are a last.fm user, click on over to lastgraph to see a great visualization of your listening habits (I’ll insert my year 2007 graph when lastgraph get’s to rendering it)

Thanks to my move from Paste to Filter Magazine (Paste skewed too old for me personally); my new favorite online record stores: Insound and Boomkat and their awesome newsletters and samplers, good convos throughout the year with my blogmates at The Pelican’s Perch and Evening Rocket and all my coworkers and friends; and weekly check-ins with metacritic.com’s Upcoming CD Releases have kept me abreast of all the great new music in 2007.

About a third of music I bought this year was new music — 115 albums! Here’s the breakdown of music in 2007 and before across EPs vs. LPs:

             Totals             LPs             EPs

2007            115             88              27

Pre-2007        198             97              101

All             313             185             128

I’m happy to say that I’m blogging a little more — about a post a month. I aim to increase this number and become somewhat more routine, well, here’s to resolutions!

I saw some great shows last year including the Annuals, Arcade Fire and Electrelane, Animal Collective and Eric Copeland (from Black Dice fame), The Go! Team (the best performance by far in 2007), and Vampire Weekend. Gosh, I’m so happy for the Silverlake / Echo Park music scene — so many great bands to go see. I’ll update my concert list.

I was more impressed this year with debuts than follow-ups as I’ll talk about in my “Best Of” lists. All in all, I’d have to say 2007 was a great year in music!



1. Kevin - January 6, 2008

I’m working on my top 50 list right now and one thing I noticed was that a lot of my favorites returned in ’07 with only so so albums, while a whole lot of new bands caught my interest than in recent years. My laziness in getting promos sent to me (since I’m still a small blog, I have to beg for big promos), I ended up with a whole lot of smaller, obscure bands’ promos leading to me listening to unknown bands most the year and completely missing a lot of major releases. That’s resulted in my 2007 list being full of new bands and lacking a whole bunch of big names, which may get me a lot of flack from the masses for being out of the loop. But really, I just listen to anything that comes my way. I’m looking forward to your list and I’ll let you know when mine is posted. See ya.

2. reidmix - January 6, 2008

Cool, I think the smaller label and more obscure bands are more interesting anyway — I mean how many times do you need to hear that an artist like Fall Out Boy is the best album of the year and they clearly aren’t and they have absolutely no bearing on the music you listen to. Hooray for angular, opinionated, and interesting music.

I’m excited to see your end of year 50, after reading about your mid-year 50 — my god, you listen to more bands in a year than most people do in a lifetime!

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