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Animal Collective at the Henry Fonda September 25, 2007

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Animal Collective

Me and my friend Winnie went to see Animal Collective play in Hollywood at the Henry Fonda last Tuesday. Eric Copeland (Black Dice) and Wizard Prison opened for them. Eric Copeland had some interesting experimental stuff with sometimes Cure-like beats — it’s so hard to appreciate in a concert setting because of the shear loudness of it all. Wizard Prison were just campy but looked to be having fun.

The interesting thing about Animal Collective is that they play forward-looking sets, playing songs that have yet to be released versus material from their older albums. With that said, I only recognized half their songs, 5 of which were from their new album Strawberry Jam. Overall, I think the best songs were those when Panda Bear moved over to his drum set and played away on Peacebone and Fireworks. The latter of which the forum kids are calling Fireworks-Essplode-Fireworks because the song slows down in the middle (I think) with alternate lyrics. Certainly the song was the highlight of the show.

The songs I did not recognize, I searched around on the Collected Animals forum which led me to the previously recorded live sets archive.org‘s live music archive (The Coronet Theater, Arena Weir). With my notes on lyrics I could discern, tips from forum members, and by the process of elimination, here is the set list for the Sep 18, 2007 show:

  1. Dancer with the Flowers in Her Hair
  2. Peacebone
  3. Song for Ariel
  4. Am I Real
  5. Leaf House
  6. Chores
  7. Walk Around (With You)
  8. Material Things / Little Girl (I Don’t Need)
  9. Unsolved Mysteries
  10. Brother Sport
  11. #1
  12. Fireworks
  13. Who Could Win a Rabbit

There are higher quality versions at archive.org.

I enjoyed Walk Around (With You) the most of the new songs during the show — but the recording from the Coronet doesn’t compare to my memory. The band was being filmed during the show and if you look at my pictures you can sometimes see the cameramen in the audience or as a red dot at the back of the stage, so I hope to see a DVD someday with that performance.

I think from the prior recordings, Material Things is my favorite of the new songs, which (used to be?) called Little Girl (I Don’t Need). Song for Ariel comes in a close second, but really, all the new songs are pretty darn good. I’d loved to have heard Doggy and Pan Flute Jam, but that’ incentive to go see them again.

The show was mindbending, the way they can perform a song live with all the samples and live looping — I’m amazed. In addition to Panda’s drumming, I had a blast when Avey bounced around on stage and I heard about the yelping — sorry folx, the yelping really works to get into that meditative, repetitive space of which the band is masters.

I guess my only complaints attribute to my age. The venue was stuffy and had too much smoke (thanks kids, but no, I don’t wanna smell pot all night). The sound levels could have been brought down a notch so that my eardrums weren’t bleeding because afterall I need to have them to hear the music! Overall, a good experience and I’d like to see them again.


The Distance Video September 18, 2007

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Because I love the Dntel song The Distance featuring Arthur & Yu and because my new friend, Tim, loves music videos, I wanted to share another wacky beautiful video from SubPop:

Darla Purchase 9/17 September 18, 2007

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Dream of a Modern DayMemory Column I found in my email a note from Darla telling me to buy selected CDs and get a free Darla Greatest Hits 2007 CD-R. So I did and they arrived today! I bought their lovely “Little Darla’s Got a Treat for You” volumes 25 and 26. I also bought Mahogany‘s first album, The Dream of a Modern Day, that I’ve been jonesin’ for and rarities album, Memory Column, of which I have a few clips:

Reverend Green Video September 14, 2007

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I discovered I could do searches for songs off the new Animal Collective album Strawberry Jam on YouTube. Duh. I knew that many of the songs, they played live in their prior tours. I was fascinated when I finally got to see what they look like to perform live — since they have such a mish-mash of sonic terrain it’s hard to understand how that equates live. But really, as I understand it, their songs are born live and are translated for the album.

Here’s one of my favorites from the album and a pretty good live video:

Amazon Purchase 9/12 September 13, 2007

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My first shipment from purchases made with my birthday gift certificate came from amazon today:

Arthur & Yu - In Camera I discovered Arthur & Yu on their amazing Dntel collaboration on Dumb Luck. Here’s that track and my currently favorite track off of their full-length In Camera:

Aimal Collective - Peacebone EP The first single starts off Animal Collective’s newest album Strawberry Jam with a bang. This is their first release on Domino, away from their own Paw Tracks label or NYC’s wonderful Fat Cat label.

No Age - Weirdo Rippers When writing this post I discovered that No Age has been signed to SubPop, completing this post’s label roundabout from SubPop to Domino to FatCat! I have so much more to say about Weirdo Rippers that I’ll push off ’til a later post: