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Crazy about Carrots February 5, 2007

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Carrots - Panda BearCarrots, the newest Panda Bear release, is a 12″ split with Excepter’s KKKKK on the flip-side. My god, even the artwork is hypnotic: Field workers in Hopi (?) garb on stilts, a Bodega Bay swarm of birds in the back ground and Polynesian children watching the whole lot in the foreground. This single, along with the Bro’s 12″, is a taste of Panda Bear’s upcoming album Person Pitch. Of course, both 12″s are sold out, if you see them, scoop them up!

These songs are pure sonic bliss, I’ve read many comparisons to the Beach Boy’s Pet Sounds. I’m crazy about Carrots — named Good Girl / Carrots on Person Pitch. The 12:42 song comes in three parts. The first part starts in a bongo drone, reminiscent of other tribal creations by Animal Collective. I swear the lyrics sounds like “Don’t Go Coffee” but you know it’s probably something much intangible and/or intelligible. You can hear the “Good Girl” lyrics during the “chorus”. About 5 minutes in, after submitting to the swirling, R.E.M. inducing beat everything shifts.

This portion of the song is my favorite. The bouncing beats play over lyrics with definite nods to Pet Sound harmonies. The lyrics, much clearer, ask for the singer’s antagonist to stop nitpicking: “It’s not a tick / for you to pick at.” Later, a child’s rhyme hits home: “I want you to know / sticks and stones may break my bones / but words will never hurt me / all i need to know i do so early / it’s so lame that / you can take my feelings / and make yourself big.” I’m mostly guessing on the lyrics but I find them very compelling.

Towards 9 minutes, everything shifts again on a few bars of music but still with that Beach Boys vibe — a Polynesian luau vibe including sounds of birds and surf on the beach. Yet, the song is so textured, with bleeps and whines from unknown electronic sources and bangs and explosions in the distance reminding me that Panda Bear (aka Noah Lennox, as we’re obligated to say) is a master of the psych-folk, freak-folk phenomena.

You can find these singles on iTunes: Bro’s and Carrots / KKKKK. Person Pitch comes out on March 20th. From what I hear of the copies kicking around online, this album is a definite winner if you are of the Animal Collective ilk. I’ve listened to Carrots at least 25 times since Friday, it’s like crack to me.



1. sue z - September 7, 2007

great blog — and so amazingly informed and organized, you virgo you. thanks for enhancing my musical awareness, not to mention my (sagging) hipster factor. thanks especially for turning me on to “field music” — love them! you are hereby bookmarked.

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