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Preorder Neon Bible from Merge! January 21, 2007

Posted by reidmix in Labels, Merge Records, Music, Upcoming Releases.

Arcade Fire - Neon Bible

I just pre-ordered Neon Bible from Merge Records. The record comes in a plain-jane version, LP version with MP3 companion download, and a deluxe version with a lenticular lens cover and booklet.

There’ve been many leaks of songs from the new album. None that I have to share here, today. But you can get a listen of the first single, Black Mirror, at http://www.neonbible.com.

I enjoy buying directly from the record label and even though you can buy these at the equivalent prices from Amazon ($10, $17, and $15), Merge throws in a few bonus items:

All preorders will receive free with purchase a Neon Bible poster and other assorted goodies! More on this as it comes in…

The last time I bought directly from Merge, they wrote me a personalized note, gave me posters and stickers, and all their love.



1. Kevin - January 21, 2007

Good to see you enjoyed my top 50 picks. Annuals came out of nowhere for me and I never stopped listening to it after I first got it. It’s fun and genuinely creative music that sounds pretty original from most stuff out there. I also couldn’t help but notice you like “Venice” by the Books. It cracks me up every time as well and is a brilliant little song from such a great band.

Keep up the good blogging and hopefully I’ll see you back at my blog. Leave a comment anytime you want and I’ll make sure to get back to you. Later.

P.S. If you haven’t checked out Cloud Cult, by all means do. My little post on them really can’t do them much justice.

2. reidmix - January 22, 2007

Also, about the Annuals, I have a “hard” time believing the creative force behind them in a 20-year-old and this is his first project. I’m not sure where I read that. If so, good for him on his depth of understanding of human pathos and wackabilly sensibilities: “[I] got magic in my nose!”

I just relistened to Lost and Safe last night and “An Animated Description of Mr. Maps” still struck me as brilliant composition of percussive rhythm and vocal melody. Crazy good.

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