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Top 10 Tracks I listened to in 2006 (According to iTunes) January 8, 2007

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In anticipation of writing up my best albums of 2006, I thought I would publish some statistics found in my iTunes and on Last.fm. I’ll begin with iTunes:

I bought and listened to:
Winter: 34 LPs 11 EPs 0 Compilations
Spring: 33 LPs 10 EPs 2 Compilations
Summer: 40 LPs 18 EPs 4 Compilations
Autumn: 88 LPs 38 EPs 3 Compilations
Total: 196 LPs 77 EPs 9 Compilations

My autumn purchases spiked because of Tower going out of business (Boo!) Of these purchases, the top 10 tracks I listened to are as follows:

01. Kicking the Heart Out by Rogue Wave
I’m honestly surprised about this track, it was on such a weak album.

02. Venice by The Books
This tiny little track cracks me up everytime I listen to it.

03. Prospect Hummer by Animal Collective
Gorgeous track about kitties featuring Vashti Bunyan.

04. Dog Days by Matthew Dear
I blame Ernest, he makes me play it.

05. Of Pressure by Mirah
Like Mirah and Ginger’s “Oh September” but for 2006 – the words are genius.

06. The Loving Sounds of Static by Mobius Band
Loved it and wrote about it.

07. The Sailor by Terrestrial Tones
Animal Collective / Black Dice collaboration produced this gem.

08. I Want Wind to Blow by The Microphones
The power in this song knocks me over.

09. Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Arcade Fire’s cover of this song led me to this band

10. Sealed with a Kiss by Deerhoof
You can find an edgy version of this song on the new 81+ EP



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