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Top 10 Tracks from 2006 Releases (According to iTunes) January 8, 2007

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Other interesting things my iTunes told me are the top tracks from 2006 releases. Normally, my music purchases are relatively limited but the 200+ CDs I bought from Ameoba, Manifest, Tower and off of online services like eMusic, Amazon, and Boomkat, I’ve become much more aware of releases throughout the year.

In fact, on Tuesdays, I’ve gotten into the habit of perusing through the release list on AllMusic. This was the first year that I not only recognized, but knew most of the bands nominated for Plug‘s Independent Music Awards! Usually, I voted for the band I knew, if there was a band I knew for the category.

Here are the top tracks I listened to of all the releases in 2006. This is different from the prior list, those tracks were from releases in any year.

01. The Sailor by Terrestrial Tones from Dead Drunk
#7 on overall list, this track is the clear standout on the album, wish the other songs were as well.

02. Easier by Grizzly Bear from Yellow House
Beach Boys goodness in an indie package, these guys were phenomenal in concert too.

03. Here Forever Always by His Name Is Alive from Detrola
So glad to see HNIA go back to their roots and draw from what made them so special.

04. Your the Kind of Girl by Mixel Pixel from Music for Plants
This song is so much fun! I also enjoyed the Momus cover of “What are you wearing” on the single.

05. Tell Me Keep Me by Field Music from S/T
Memphis Industries brought us “The Go Team” and “The Pipettes” but nothing as infectious as this song.

06. We are the Sleepyheads by Belle & Sebastian from The Life Pursuit
So glad B&S pulled themselves out of the disaster which is their last album — somebody had to say it…

07. Scattered Pearls by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone from Etiquette
This song is both so sad and so dance-able. CFTPA would have ruled my lists if I discovered them earlier in the year.

08. The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song by The Flaming Lips from At War with the Mystics
This song defines the political outrage on the rest of the album — now what if Mr. Bush actually listened to this album?

09. Dear Mr. Supercomputer by Sufjan Stevens from The Avalanche
Not bad for scraps from the prior album — hello! amazing! — this is the first song that got my attention.

10. Move by Sol Seppy from The Bells of 1 2
Sol Seppy snuck up on me like a dark force — thank you Obscure Gems eMusic dozen



1. bobcat rubber tracks - November 18, 2008

Well I am happy that I am the first to comment! But I also want to say that I am greatful and thankful to all those who put a list like this together! And if it was just an individual who proposed this list together then props all the way you’re great!

2. reidmix - November 19, 2008

Thank you!

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