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The Loving Sounds of Static (Video) July 31, 2006

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First video put out by the Mobius Band for “The Loving Sounds of Static”. Read the Song Review.


Loving the Loving Sounds of Static July 30, 2006

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Mobius Band - The Loving Sounds of StaticWhen my iPod follows me into bed and parks itself on my night-stand, chances are I have song or album that’s a keeper. When I play that song on repeat, I know I’ve got an instant classic. Mobius Band‘s “The Loving Sounds of Static” stands out on the sampler Idol Tryouts 2: Ghoslty International, Vol. 2. and positions itself as a quintessential indie electronic song.

The song’s arrangement seems to follow in the same spirit as “Everything’s Gone Green” by New Order. Similarities include an addictive bass-line that requires multiple plays and a bright melody blinking over the song like an old neon marquee. The vocals sing like wanting with lyrics “You know your head / won’t suggest / anything that hasn’t passed the test / by 1996 / That’s not part of it”. Lyrics like these are anthemic for all indie music: “This world’s not right / It’s a losing fight / This music’s not / What you want”.

“The Loving Sounds of Static” epitomizes what I wanted for Robert Schipul and hollAnd’s collaboration on The American Scene. Although that is one of my favorite unsung albums, there’s a discordance between the electronic and indie sides of the album where “The Loving Sounds of Static” seems to succeed at from the starting gate.

Although there’s no trace of a guitar, the song bounces with a jingle-jangle which implies there should be plenty of those indie strings. In fact, the video (see following post) and the version on off their first full length album (of the same name) realize the song in its full guitar splendor. Personally, I prefer the electronic version of the sampler CD with it’s quieter vocals and heavy bass hooks.

Update: The album version of the song is — in fact — the original version. The version on Idol Tryouts was remixed by Junior Boys. Is the genius in the song or in the remix? I will explore and report back!

Discovered on Idol Tryouts 2: Ghoslty International, Vol. 2 from eMusic through Matthew Dear. Album version [mp3] from Ghostly International